Lifestyle Changes

Before & After



When I look at these pictures side by side, the most visible change I see is my self-confidence.  There was a point that everything felt wrong from the inside out.  I was literally a hot mess and was reaching in every possible direction looking for a solution to make me feel and look better.  The day I decided to make myself MY priority is when I started developing healthy habits that would eventually change my entire lifestyle.   It was day in and day out of mindful movement, healthy eating and lots of self-care.  I wish I could tell you that I went to bed one night feeling miserable and woke up the next morning feeling and looking amazing but that would be a big fat lie.  Everyday hasn’t been perfect, but I can say with confidence that my lifestyle has been consistent for the past few years.  This part of my health and wellness journey has been an amazing period of vulnerability, learning and love!


“… (Natasha) also assisted me with gaining confidence and created a drive to stay healthy. Subsequently, I started making the right diet choices to support progress in the gym. I lost inches over the year and started reshaping my body.”



Lifestyle changes in progress